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The Fishing Tree was created to provide buyers with good quality products to help make fishing fun and rewarding. We enjoy the good things in life, and want to help spread that enjoyment far and wide. We are constantly looking for new quality products to present to our customers. That takes time and care and finding the right manufacturers to make sure quality is maintained at all times.


Aluminum Fish Lip Grip Red

No rusting marine grade aluminum so The Gripper will last for years unlike cheap stainless steel gear.

Aluminum Fish Lip Grip Blue

Guilt free catch and release with the wide plate grabber to help protect the fish mouth. No pointy tips like many other models that often pierce the lip.

Aluminum Fish Lip Grip Purple

Firm grip of equipment with hand indentations and serrated middle strip. The compact pistol shape sits comfortably in the hand.

Fishing Gloves Navy Blue

The beauty of light weight protective gloves is that you maintain the feel of what you are doing, but get the benefit of hand and skin protection and comfort. Verified by leading scientific testing research company, SGS Group, as giving UPF and SPF 50+ sun protection.


Fishing Gloves White Color

Ideal for any outdoor environment. Our product provides protection but allows full maneuverability. The angler retains the feel of the fingers which is important with fiddly work things like tying tippets or stripping trout fly lines.


Compact Needle Nose 6.5” Pliers Black

Long Needle Nose Pliers that slice through all types of line. With a split ring tip, these pliers are a great choice for freshwater anglers and jewelry makers alike.


Compact Needle Nose 6.5″ Pliers Red

A SPRING LOADED BENT NOSE gives reach into a fish mouth to remove hooks with minimal damage to the catch or lures. One of the better extractor tools available.

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Compact Needle Nose 6.5” Pliers Blue

NEW MODEL with MODIFIED LOCKING DEVICE that you will not find on any other pair of fishing pliers on Amazon. 4-in-1 multi purpose tool that fits in storage boxes. Crimping, splittings, cutter, hook removal – all done with one item.


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